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La Renella


La Renella bakery is located in Rome in the heart of Trastevere. Since 1870 it has been making bread through traditional methods and genuine ingredients, to offer its customers daily bread, pizza and cakes of high quality, cooked in a wood oven. From dawn to night, the fragrance travels through all the nearby streets, intriguing tourists and beyond.

La Renella offers a wide range of breads, pizzas and sweets to customers, all strictly made with high quality ingredients, flour, extra virgin olive oil, without the addition of animal fat.

La Renella is a tribute to this old traditional area. The name Renella derives, in fact, from “arenella”, which comes in turn from the Latin “arenula”, the river sand which, deposited by the Tiber, formed at this point on the bank of the river a sandy shore (in Italian “arenile”) in the periods of low freshwater flow. Here there was a small bathing establishment before the construction of the banks.

The restaurant develops in length and it can accomodate many people to taste products. The main entrance is on via del Moro 15 while the secondary one is on via del Politeama 19/27.